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Responsible Editor: Professor Bernard Rossier.

The Pharmacology Master eTraining Portal is developed and run by the EPFL/HSeT team in collaboration with Contributors and Trainers at EPFL and the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology of the University of Lausanne. HSeT scientific coordinators are academics highly competent in their respective fields. They develop web-based content modules and activities in close collaboration with external contributors who are experts in the concerned field.
The current editorial policy is that all the material that is used in a workshop is reviewed by the teacher. In addition, a reviewing date is automatically inserted by the CMS at each page modification.

EPFL Pharmacology portal Team

William Pralong,

Bernard Rossier,

Michelle Rossier


HSeT Foundation core Team

Jean-Pierre KRAEHENBUHL, MD, PhD, Chief Executive Officer

Nathalie DEBARD, PhD, Immunology Online & Oncology Online Coordinato

Alain MEYSTRE, Animation Designer

Bernard ROSSIER, MD, Pharmacology & Toxicology Online Coordinator

Michelle ROSSIER, MD, Laboratory Online & Oncology Online Coordinator

Former HSeT team members
Pascal PY, MSCS & MBA, Chief Operating Officer & OCTAVE Coordinator

Laurent RICHARD, Web & Animation Designer

Yan CORNEILLE, MS, Software Developer

Guilherme MARSON, PhD, Oncology Online coordinator

Marc BREITLER, MS, Software Developer

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